Subject: Re: finger
To: Noriyuki Soda <>
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/12/2002 09:27:39
I'm not sure if your argument is for or against the environment variable.

Only the environment variable will make a difference when finger is
called from a script or a binary.  The alias will not make it that far.

This why we must look at something in the environment.  If looking at
LC_CTYPE/LANG is not acceptable, I think a generic FINGER variable for
any "default" options would be better than FINGER_OPTION_I=YES.

+ Kim

| From:    Noriyuki Soda <>
| Date:    Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:23:00 +0900
| >>>>> On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 13:13:20 GMT,
| 	Kimmo Suominen <> said:
| > Maybe we could "export FINGER=-i" and have finger look at that for
| > flags, just like less, more, pg and many other programs do.
| Well... if a system administrator (or a user) can set an environment
| variable FINGER=-i, he can set an alias finger="finger -i", at
| same place, too.
| --
| soda