Subject: Re: finger
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/12/2002 08:42:08
This patch still removes the capability of detecting the environment of
the user, and automatically displaying proper characters.  It is not
necessary to remove that to implement -8.

+ Kim

| From:    "T.SHIOZAKI" <>
| Date:    Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:14:50 +0900
| > As you probably could tell from my commit message, I was not happy with
| > the fingerd change myself.  I just wanted to have a quick hack to make
| > myself happy by seeing 8-bit data from fingerd.	 I should have taken th
| e
| > two more minutes that it took to do it right.
| >
| > I just committed a -8 option to finger(1) and fingerd(8), which enable
| > true 8-bit pass-through.  The -i option is gone from fingerd(8).
| Please stop committing before convergence of the discussion...
| My patch is not quick hack but an appropriate change to conform to
| rfc1288 in its own way, although there are some compromised points due
| to imperfection of rfc1288 and concern about actuality of terminals.
| I got several comments about it and explained about them.
| I intend to wait for one day again.
| If there is no other significant objection, I will commit it tomorrow.