Subject: Re: finger
To: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
From: Johan Danielsson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/10/2002 19:42:03
SUNAGAWA Keiki <> writes:

> Kim, I think that I understand your desire to extend finger to grock
> your language, but it should not the way to go.

I think what he's trying to do is make it conform to RFC1288.
Stripping the data in fingerd is not conforming, unless you interpret
the string "ASCII" in a way that the people who wrote the RFC probably
did not.

It's quite obvious that the same people did not think or care about
either I18N nor L10N. In short, the finger protocol can never be used
in multi byte locales (and that sucks), but it does, for all practical
meanings of the word, work fine in single byte locales. I don't think
we should be punished because of that.