Subject: Not quite sure where to send this
To: None <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 08/16/2002 10:35:53

I'm not sure where to send this, but I'm also going to send-pr it.
I'm also unsure of the proper course of action.


	/etc/rc.d/downinterfaces does not play nicely with
	rc_fast_and_loose=<anything non-empty>, as there is an 'exit 0;'
	in there.  This affects both rc and rc.shutdown.  On startup,
	everything after downinterfaces does not get run (currently cron
	seems to be about the only one).  On shutdown, a non-running cron
	gets stopped and everything after downinterfaces does not get run.
	This is a problem since there are some processes which, if not
	brought down correctly, will hang in wait, interminably, on

FIX #1:
	Somehow fix /etc/rc.d/downinterfaces to handle this more
	gracefully.  Going forward, 'exit' should only be called
	on error.

FIX #2:
	Eliminate rc_fast_and_loose as it is currently broken.
	[Note:  This wil NOT be too popular for people with slow machines.]

	don't use rc_fast_and_loose until downinterfaces is fixed.

	Add keyword "nostart" to the header of downinterfaces (this
	still doesn't help shutdown; rc_fast_and_loose should be set
	empty in rc.shutdown).

NetBSD: Get Over It.