Subject: Re: wscons termcap entry
To: Alan Barrett <>
From: Joerg Klemenz <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/02/2002 22:10:25
Alan Barrett wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Jul 2002, Joerg Klemenz wrote:
> > You may want to look at the wscons entry I created. It's not good, but its
> > better than the others...
> > If I understand termcap better I will make a new entry.

I actually made a new entry. But since it is apparently fixed in
-current, I will spare you from this

> I came up with the following termcap entries a couple of years ago,
> with the assistance of a termcap-testing application whose name I have
> [..]
> wsvt25-colour|Added colour (note not spelled color to avoid a name collision):\
> 	:Co#8:pa#64:\
> 	:op=\E[37;40m:\
> 	:Sb=\E[4%?%p1%{1}%=%t4%e%p1%{3}%=%t6%e%p1%{4}%=%t1%e%p1%{6}%=%t3%e%p1%d%;m:\
> 	:Sf=\E[3%?%p1%{1}%=%t4%e%p1%{3}%=%t6%e%p1%{4}%=%t1%e%p1%{6}%=%t3%e%p1%d%;m:\
> 	:tc=wsvt25-fixedglitches:

I am not an expert but that looks broken.
Maybe its an email transmission error?? Why is it so long??

> wsvt25-kbsdel|Note that the backspace key sends a DEL code:\
> 	:kb=\177:\
> 	:tc=wsvt25-functionkeys:

I think you can use kb=^?