Subject: fortune on 1.6
To: None <>
From: Arto Huusko <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/01/2002 16:54:57
Hmm, what's up with fortune on 1.6_BETA#? When running

  "/usr/games/fortune -ea"

Most of the time I get the following fortune (i.e. running
fortune 10 times in a row,  ~half of the fortunes):

A very intelligent turtle
Found programming UNIX a hurdle
         The system, you see,
         Ran as slow as did he,
And that's not saying much for the turtle.

Despite the example above, this problem is not related to
running the fortune program several times within a short
amount of time. Booting the machine, logging in and logging
out at random times (I have fortune run from my .login),
the above fortune is seen almost always.

The fortune in 1.5 seems to give much much better random
output with the same switches.

Not using "-e" switch gives random fortunes on both 1.5
and 1.6, so the handling of "-e" must of have changed in
some way.

(thinking about what "-e" does, and the fact that the
above fortune is in the "limerick" file, which is quite
small, gives some food for thought on this. But then
again the situation is exactly the same on 1.5, and
"limerick" file is even smaller)