Subject: texinfo on NetBSD 1.5
To: None <>
From: Gregory McGarry <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/28/2002 11:12:30
To get NetBSD 1.5 to build on NetBSD 1.6 I needed the following
change.  While the second change is fine, being texinfo naive,
I just nuked the first problem.  In fact the NetBSD 1.6 sources
don't have these links anyway.  They do occur later in the document.

Fair enough?

	-- Gregory McGarry <>

--- texinfo.txi.orig	Fri Jun 28 10:38:46 2002
+++ texinfo.txi	Fri Jun 28 10:49:24 2002
@@ -645,11 +645,6 @@
 * Unsplit::                     How to create an unsplit file.
 * Tagifying::                   How to tagify a file.
 * Splitting::                   How to split a file manually.
-How to Obtain @TeX{}
-* New Texinfo Mode Commands::   The updating commands are especially useful.
-* New Commands::                Many newly described @@-commands.
 @end detailmenu
 @end menu
@@ -14194,7 +14189,7 @@
 (thousandths of an inch) remain on the current page.  @xref{need, ,
-@item @@node @var{name, next, previous, up}
+@item @@node @var{name} @var{next}, @var{previous}, @var{up}
 Define the beginning of a new node in Info, and serve as a locator for
 references for @TeX{}.  @xref{node, , @code{@@node}}.@refill