Subject: Re: rfc2228 in ftpd
To: None <,>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/24/2002 00:05:43
>There are at least two existing implementations: MIT and Heimdal krb5
>distributions come with a ftp that supports rfc2228 (and my changes
>to ftpd are based on the Heimdal distribution).  ISTR that Fetch
>on the MacOS also supported it...

Fetch definately supports it:

(I know, it just says, "Kerberos", but it interoperates with our RFC 2228

On the PC, there's FileZilla:

(But you'll have to look in the readme before you find mention of Kerberos).

So that's four independent implementations (but with only two different
GSSAPI implementations).  Actually ... I believe that some of the people
on the Kerberos list were talking about some Microsoft products with
RFC 2228 support, but I don't recall if that was using the Microsoft
GSSAPI-equivalant with third-party applications, or ftp clients/servers
provided by Microsoft.

Since the main users of RFC 2228 seem to come from the Kerberos
community, it seems that unless you're a Kerberos user, you don't
come across implementations of it (certainly I've gotten in plenty
of discussions where people say that no one has implemented RFC