Subject: Re: login.conf, utmpx
To: None <>
From: Martin J. Laubach <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/28/2002 11:46:04
|  	though login.conf support is present in netbsd, it is not widely
|  	used/deployed.  also, utmpx is there but it is never used.
|  	what is the overall plan?  do we need to transition all apps that
|  	use utmp?

  I did the original addition of the login.conf code, and I'm
afraid, it has since a bitrotted. Having another go at it, taking
care of all login.conf related PRs and adding support to cron, ssh,
xdm etc. is on my to-do list, but it has not yet bubbled up to high
enough priority I'm afraid.

  Note that I explicitely left out the bsd-auth part upon
integration in NetBSD because it was not all sure we want to
go with bsd-auth or PAM or whatever. I personally like the idea
of bsd-auth better, but that's perhaps just me. I'm not sure
a consensus has been reached on that point, or perhaps somebody
should just go ahead and do it?

  So if anyone wants to have a closer look at login.conf, be my
guest, though I'd appreciate a "I'm working on it" note, so we
won't duplicate the effort.