Subject: Re: Modifications of standard headers for PECOFF
To: TAMURA Kent <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/24/2002 11:51:22
On Fri, 24 May 2002, TAMURA Kent wrote:

> In message "Re: Modifications of standard headers for PECOFF"
>     on 02/05/24, TAMURA Kent <> writes:
> > > These changes don't even look reasonable to me. Why don't you use
> > > --enable-auto-export and --enable-auto-import features of recent
> > > binutils (the former is default now, AFAIK)?
> >
> > Oh, I have not known --enable-auto-import.  I'll try it.  Thank
> > you.
> I have tried it and found --enable-auto-import does not work in
> many cases.  It seems to work for simple variables but not for
> arrays and struct variables.

Can you describe how it doesn't work? It could be we can get binutils
fixed. :-)

I think we all want to make it so that PEACE doesn't need to keep all
those header diffs. If it's easy to get auto-import and auto-export to
work, we should do that.

Hmmm... One thing Tamura-san mentioned is that it's __libc_extern since
the macros expand to different things if you're compiling libc.dll or some
other dll. Jun-Young, how would auto-import and auto-export help that?

Take care,