Subject: Re: post-installation and rc.d enhancements
To: None <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/18/2002 18:41:41
On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> Ok, David Brownlee suggested (in another forum), that we add a
> pre-amble to package rc.d scripts for "sushi". So how about if we do
> this:
> 1) Every rc.d script (package, base, local) gets a pre-amble that
>    includes the comment, and the type of variable (yes/no, flags,
>    arbitrary string).
> 2) We create a utility, to live in "/usr/sbin", that generates
>    "/etc/defaults/rc.conf" and "/etc/defaults/sushi-rcconf" from
>    the information embedded in the scripts in "/etc/rc.d", and run
>    it from "pkg_add", or base system "make install" (it'll have to
>    be a host tool) or pkgsrc "make install" (when necessary)?

Generate the defaults files from structured comments in the scripts?
This looks fine to me.

--apb (Alan Barrett)