Subject: Re: post-installation and rc.d enhancements
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/17/2002 21:34:40
On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 02:59:58PM -0500, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> As I said, if the total number of scripts is no more than say, 50-75,
> we don't have to edit the file -- we can just re-install the whole file
> with each package that has an rc.d script.

But it has to be a source control nightmare...
Especially for anyone with non-standard packages lurking
(maybe ones they are developing).

> > The files could be concatenated to simplify processing.
> >
> > Clearly (?) only a single file for user parameter changes is required.
> Exactly. But "/etc/rc.conf" is sourced *before* "/etc/rc.conf.d/$name",

But you could always source /etc/rc.conf again afterwards.

I presume you would:
- decide you need to run a package startup script
- generate a subshell ensure the pacake config doesn't clobber
  the system one
- source the packages default parameters
- source the system parameters (again)
- execute the commands
- exit the subshell

> And another thing -- for sushi, we could also maintain a package
> template alongside that master defaults file, and install both files at
> the same time.

Maybe some (simple?) editable file that sushi procesess and is
used during boot to generate the file to source?
That way the info is all in one place.


David Laight: