Subject: Re: SUSv3/IEEE 1003.1-2001
To: Nathan J. Williams <>
From: Tomas Svensson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/14/2002 00:47:29
Wednesday, March 13, 2002, 5:30:12 PM, you wrote:

NJW> Tomas Svensson <> writes:

>> Is there anyone working on or coordinating the implementation of
>> SUSv3/IEEE 1003.1-2001 (POSIX.1) in NetBSD?

NJW> Several people keep an eye on standards conformance for interfaces
NJW> that we do have, and I imagine that we'll be tightening things to
NJW> match SUSv3 here and there.

NJW> That said, full SUSv3 conformance and implementation of new interfaces
NJW> is not a Project goal. When we do add new interfaces we will endeavor
NJW> to align them with SUSv3 when possible, but there is not a sense that
NJW> adopting SUSv3 wholesale is a good idea.

Sure, but there are some new utilities and additions that seems to be
fairly useful, not all though.