Subject: Re: proposed changes to system config files
To: Klaus Klein <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/28/2001 14:03:37
On Mar 20,  9:29am, Klaus Klein wrote:
} Berndt Josef Wulf <> writes:
} > Klaus Klein wrote
} > > 
} > > One thing that strikes me is that it doesn't scale terribly well,
} > > i.e. what's going to be done for the next additional address family to
} > > be supported?
} > 
} > Can you expand on the argument of scalability and the additional
} > address family a little more? I'm afraid you lost me here.
} I'm probably picking a particularly silly example of an address famliy
} here, but do you suppose we should duplicate the whole processing
} again the day IPv8 comes out to interpret /etc/mygate8 and
} $defaultroute8?

     When IPv8 comes out in 30 years, sure thing.  At the same time,
we'll remove everything that has to do with IPv4, since it will be
nothing more then an interesting piece of history.

     I'm all for scalability, but let's get real, it's not like address
families are being added every week.  It is something that happens
extremely rarely, therefore, it is just not worth worrying about.  Heck,
the only thing I can see adding in the near to medium future is IPX and
that is a deprecated protocol.

}-- End of excerpt from Klaus Klein