Subject: proposed changes to system config files
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/28/2001 17:31:52

I would like to propose the following changes:

In /etc/defaults/rc.conf amend

----------------- /etc/defaults/rc.conf ----------------------
# Set this to the hostname or the IP address of the router that will
# route IPv6 packets.
# If blank, use /etc/mygate6
----------------- /etc/defaults/rc.conf ----------------------

In /etc/rc.d/network amend

----------------- /etc/rc.d/network ---------------------
# Check $defaultroute6, then /etc/mygate6, for the name of my gateway6
# host. That name must be in /etc/hosts.
if [ -z "$defaultroute6" ] && [ -f /etc/mygate6 ]; then
                defaultroute6=`cat /etc/mygate6`
if [ -n "$defaultroute6" ]; then
        route add default -inet6 $defaultroute6
----------------- /etc/rc.d/network ---------------------

This follows the configuration scheme used for IPv4. It would make
system configurations for IPv6 a little more intuitive and easier for
users with lesser experience.

What do you think? 

Please include in your reply as I'm not
a member of this list at the time of writing.

Many thanks in advance

cheerio Berndt
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