Subject: Re: stdio FILE extension
To: None <>
From: Urban Boquist <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/15/2001 13:00:17
>>>>> Ignatios Souvatzis writes:

>> ... if someone could actually give a couple of concrete examples of
>> these so called "third party libraries".

Ignatios> qt Last time I looked, this was binary only.

Thanks for the example! Unfortunately I don't think this is a very
good example... ;-)

QT comes out in new versions all the time. To me it seems to be of
limited use to require that all old binary releases of QT should be
indefinitely supported by NetBSD, for all future NetBSD versions. You
probably would want a newer version of QT for many other reasons. And
as soon as TrollTech compiles a newer version of QT, on a more recent
version of NetBSD, the problem disappears.

Any more examples?

Kind regards,

        -- Urban