Subject: Re: stdio FILE extension
To: None <>
From: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/13/2001 01:40:25

From: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
> > I'm working on wide char i/o functions like fputwc.
> > in order to support them, FILE should contain
> > more data like shift-states.
> > 
> > I made patches to do it, keeping binary compatibility
> > as far as possible.

> new one is here:

no one is interested in this? ;-)

- rename FILE::_ub to _ext.
- use FILE::_ext._base to point to file-associated extended
  storage. (_ext._size is now unused.)
- and use _ext._base->_ub instead of _ub.
- extended storage is allocated when FILE itsself is allocated.
- fputwc/fgetwc/ungetc/fwide is already implemented using it.
- these changes may not break binary compatibility unless
  applications use FILE::_ub directly.


YAMAMOTO Takashi<>