Subject: _deny_severity
To: None <>
From: Lucio De Re <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 08/16/2001 20:31:25
I'm trying to install sendmail 8.11.5 on an Intel-386,
NetBSD-1.3.1 host.

Everything seems to go quite well, but in my greed I also want
the TCP Wrappers in place by placing

	define(`confENVDEF', `TCPWRAPPERS')
	define(`confLIBS', `-lwrap')

in devtools/Site/site.config.m4.  Compilation and installation
succeed, and Sendmail seems to run OK, but running Makemap crashes
with the peculiar error:

	/usr/libexec/ Undefined symbol "_deny_severity" in makemap:usr/lib/

I'm sure I'm just missing a point, but I really don't see it:
why does Makemap even bother with TCP Wrappers and what does
the above really mean?

"Strings" on either /usr/lib/libwrap.a or /usr/lib/
returns entries for _deny_severity and _allow_severity, so what
kind of precedence error could be causing this?

If at all relevant,

	strings severity /usr/lib/libwrap.a

reveals one more instance of "_deny_severity" than

	strings severity /usr/lib/

_deny_severity (*)
bad syslog facility or severity: "%s"

The (*) entry occurs only for the first.


PS: Upgrading NetBSD to 1.5.1 is on the cards, but not