Subject: Re: Question regarding the libc library.
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/19/2001 18:13:23
| Hi Martin,
| Thanks a lot for the kind help. I am trying to build libc for sparc64
| and i was getting problem with _nsyylval symbol in nsparser.o and
| _nsyyparse symbol in nsdispatch.o. It says undefined symbol when i try
| to build a binary out of this library. The snapshot that you gave me
| uses lex but the lex that we have does not have the -P option so i used
| flex instead of that. Also instead of yacc i have used bison because of
| the similar problem i.e -o option not available with yacc. So is this
| problem because of the different tools that i am using or i am missing
| something while compiling. If you can help me i will be really grateful
| to you as i am stuck with this problem for past 3 days.

We do not support building libraries with outside tools.  I would strongly
recommend you use the in-tree tools to build these things.  There are
numerous fixes in the in-tree tools that you will miss that may well 
cause the compiler to fail.  If you do not use the in-tree tools,
you are basically on your own.