Subject: /etc/security issues
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/03/2001 13:16:18
soliciting comments...

(1) i recently added a user that has a - character in the username.
/etc/security doesn't like it.  does anyone know of a reason why -
should be a "bad" character?  i'm sure that usernames that consist
solely of a + or a - or start with a - are bad, but an embedded -
can't be that bad...can it?

(2) as regards bin/12727 and bin/12729, i was considering changing
/etc/security to keep the paths to files being backed up intact, but
with the value of $backup_dir prepended.  that means that the file
/etc/bootparams, which is currently being backed up as
$backup_dir/bootparams, would now be backed up as
$backup_dir/etc/bootparams.  this would allow us to track the files in
/etc/rc.d with very little difficulty, since /etc/bootparams and
/etc/rc.d/bootparams would no longer map to the same backup file name.
i have a simple patch to /etc/security to do this (and to move the old
backup files to the new names).  comments?

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