Subject: Cross-debugging using GDB, building retargetted GDB
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/19/2001 13:23:50
Having found the nice cross-compilation tools Tim Rightnour and Bill 
Sommerfeld did, I've now got a whole sgimips NetBSD tree cross-building
on my x86 box, including the tools needed to build said tree.

However, I was hoping I'd also be able to build cross-gdb, that is an
x86-compiled executable but targetted at MIPSEB/ELF target.  Our in-tree
GDB seems to from the start subvert any attempts to do this since it
always assumes HOST == TARGET.  I'd rather beat the in-tree GDB and its'
Makefiles into doing the Right Thing than starting over with the original
GDB sources, as that would allow me to build all this in one fell swoop.

Anyone out there done this, tried and failed and have advice, ...?

Also, if I have a GDB for x86 targetted at MIPSEB/ELF, should I be able
to do kernel-debugging using my x86 as the debug end and the SGI as the
debugee?  If that doesn't work, I have much less incentive to try and 
get the cross-GDB building.

[BTW, I'm not yet on port-mips, so please CC me if you reply there...]

Thanks for any ideas,

Rafal Boni