Subject: Re: groff-1.16.1 reach-over
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/15/2001 22:42:22
>It is in the reachover I posted. (grohtml wasn't in 1.10).

speaking of might be nice if reachovers were all
documented.  i recently (last month, iirc) kinda broke current builds
by futzing with something in cksum, while not realizing that mtree was
reaching over and "borrowing" a few files.

the recent dhcp import also affected more than just itself, carefully
breaking the building of snapshots.

it occurs to me that the presence of a file called REACHOVER in each
directory that contains files that are borrowed (ie, in the source
directory, *not* the "borrower's" directory) listing, at the very
least the places that borrow files.  at present, some directories
already contain a README file that is of little use to anyone except
those reading and/or messing with the code.

more detail (eg, the files that are borrowed, or even what functions
are used) would be nice, but perhaps a little much to ask for people
to maintain.

in short, a simple short list of other places to check once changes
have been made, so that builds or snapshots are not bollixed


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