Subject: Other GCC issues
To: None <>
From: Lucio De Re <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/16/2001 15:59:05
I've been toying with GCC and the Binutils in the last few weeks,
mostly to produce a workbench of cross-compiling tools for the Palm
(nothing done) the AVR, MS-Dos and Windows.

I have no other equipment than Intel, but I've been rather pleased
with the result.  I can generate production code for MS-Dos and
the AVR (the latter untested, but with a healthy degree of confidence)
using the very latest GNU (redhat, I suppose) snapshots.

I had absolutely no joy trying that for native use :-(  Now, I did
expect problems, but not so serious.

Is there a place where this is discussed and explained (toolchain?)
and can I join to help in any fashion?  Having a single platform
for development is almost an obsession with me and I can only take
so much frustration :-)

I'll happily do some preliminary reading and finding out (no, not
the source, thank you :-) if someone can point me in that direction.


PS: As for the PowerPC, isn't it a little extraordinary that Linux
could have been ported to the PowerPC while some of the GCC
functionality in the context is being complained about?  Or am I
mis-reading the problem and LKMs are a different kettle of fish