Subject: /var/backups and /etc/security
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/15/2001 15:31:36
currently, /var/backups currently contains two copies of files that
are being backed up: a copy of the current version and a copy of the
previous version.  that's not very helpful if you wanna see what you
were doing six months ago.  or even three days ago, if you change
stuff a lot.

i've just rewritten (yes, again...the last rewrite is on my laptop
which is being serviced) changes to /etc/security to use rcs as an
alternative to the "two copy" method.  of course, each time i redo it,
i redo it better.  :)

 * added a variable to /etc/defaults/security.conf: backup_uses_rcs=NO
   (1 line)

 * added a routine called do_backup to /etc/rc.subr to handle the
   cp/mv method and the rcs method (61 lines, including comments)

 * changed /etc/security to call do_backup instead of using cp/mv
   (95 lines, in unified diff format)

comments, please?  i'd like to add this to -current.

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