Subject: getmntopt change
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 02/19/2001 23:03:35
[this is pretty trivial, but since this is used in all mount* source
 code and newfs, I thought I'd post it here]

I need to support some '-o foo=bar' options in mount_nfs, like
they are used, for example, in Solaris. Specifying options
this way can be useful for all mount commands, so I want to extend
getmntopts() (not in any library but in sbin/mount/getmntopts.c
and pulled in by others via .PATH)

It's currently:

getmntopts(char *options, struct mntopt *mopts, int *flagp, int *altflagp);

which would become:

getmntopts(char *options, struct mntopt *mopts, int *flagp, int *altflagp,
	   char **optval);

Where optval is a pointer to a char *, which will contain a pointer
to the value string ('bar' in 'foo=bar'), or NULL if no value
was present. The string pointed to, if not NULL, is freshly allocated.

- Frank

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