Subject: Re: current libc broken?
To: Mario Kemper <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/27/2000 21:23:51
>> 	the symptom does not repeat here.  could you please let me know about
>> 	the following?
>> 	- do you have any particular value set to $LANG or $LC_CTYPE?
>> 	  is there any behavioral change if you don't set them?
>> 	- do you have any LC_CTYPE declaration file under /usr/share/locale?
>> 	  particularly those generated by chrtbl(8)?
>> 	  in this case, you may want to update lib/libc/locale again,
>> 	  there were some mistakes in backward compatibility code.
>I had unset $LC_CTYPE durink my tests, but did forget about $LANG. 
>Unsetting it makes it possible to complete the make install in
>I will remove /usr/share/locale and rebuild everything.
>As i never really cared about locales (german umlauts somehow always
>worked out of the box :-)) i would like to know what exactly i have to
>do with the new locale environment.

	since it is a useful information to other people, i cc: to

	past: libc used to have support for LC_CTYPE declaration files,
		generated by chrtbl(8).  it is hardcoded to singlebyte locales.
	current status: we have a new singlebyte locale support in libc.
		libc supports both LC_CTYPE files generated by chrtbl(8), and
		files generated by mklocale(8).  src/share/mklocale has
		locale declaration for dozens of locations, and we will ship
		with some /usr/share/locale files (we used to have no files
		under /usr/share/locale).
		multibyte locale is under preparation, we are testing multibyte
	near future: we will enable multibyte locale support, so that
		we can handle big5, iso-2022-{jp,cn,kr}, euc-{jp,kr,cn,tw},
		mskanji, utf-2, and utf-8.
	far future: we transition to localedef from mklocale.  localedef is
		more standard, so it will let us use locale defintion files
		from other places.