Subject: Re: XFree86 (3.3.6?) and keyboard jams
To: None <>
From: Zach Fine <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/30/2000 23:00:43
It might be worth trying to run xdm as "xdm -nodaemon" and see if your
problems go away.

-Zach Fine

>>>>> "Lucio" == Lucio De Re <> writes:

    Lucio> That's a good point.  I've always assumed they would chew
    Lucio> each other's input, rather than come up with extra
    Lucio> characters, but I've never figured out how to get xdm/X to
    Lucio> start on a specific tty where I made sure there wouldn't be
    Lucio> a getty.