Subject: Re: bi-endian etc/pwd.db
To: <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/26/2000 00:24:51
Jarom r Dolecek <>  wrote:

repl: bad addresses:
	Jaromír Dolecek <> -- missing mailbox (í)

> MINOURA Makoto wrote:
> > So, what's the result?  The current status is TOO BAD to
> > cause error in make build, even though it does not stop the
> > build.
> > PLEASE CORRECT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Reverting the change
> > is acceptable for temporary workaround until the right
> > solution is out.
> What is the problem ? The test in etc/Makefile just fails
> for mips target, so this might present some cross-compile
> difficulties. However, that's how it was before, so there
> should be no change in behaviour for mips from previous state.
> The check causes error for 'make build' ?

Anyone against putting:

	printf "\#include <machine/endian_machdep.h>\n_BYTE_ORDER\n" | \
	${CC} -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include -E - | tail -1

in as the test?  This should cover all cases.

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