Subject: Re: su and KRB
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/09/2000 15:52:08
>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Richardson <> writes:
    Michael>   I have been trying to figure out why "su" hangs for 30-60 seconds when I'm
    Michael> not on a network with 1.5ALPHA_2. 
    Michael>   I had assumed it was DNS, su looking for something to log, but after
    Michael> mucking around with nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf a bit, I ktrace'ed it from
    Michael> another window:

  Okay, these are DNS requests. It asks for:

  I can fix the first one to timeout faster by making sure that my localhost
DNS server is found even when dhcpd has left bogus info in /etc/resolv.conf
from a previous time when it found a network.
  But, my local DNS server isn't authoritative for the other addresses and it 
will have to timeout.

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