Subject: Re: libintl.a into base system
To: Jaromr Dolecek <>
From: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/31/2000 17:49:21
>Just for reference - why is catgets(3) not sufficient ?
>If catgets(3) is not suitable and libintl is superior, having
>something which does the job and is compatible with what other
>major projects are using would be a win. In other words, I think
>it would be good idea to bring it into NetBSD in that case.

	- there are tons of third-party codebase that use gettext(3) exist.
	  we can do nothing about it.
	- catgets(3) is much harder to use from programmer's point of view,
	  as it require us to assign unique message ID number manually.
	  gettext(3) is easier as it uses the string itself as the cookie,
	  and gettext(1) will help us generate message catalog file.
	- says that catgets(3) has some issue (security?).
	  i don't remember the exact detail, if you have time please check.
	  info file has a dedicated seciton for it.