Subject: Re: airport codes.
To: Richard Rauch <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/19/2000 13:17:30
>> > (Side: KCI is listed as MCI in our airports file.  Technically, it is in
>> > Missouri, but I've always heard it referred to as KCI.  Dunno what they
> [...]
>> >From
>> 	MCI Kansas City, MO [Kansas City International Airport], USA
>Hm.  Perhaps just as importantly, from the same URL:
>4385.  KCI Kono, Indonesia
>(Although, from the comments at the top, _that_ KCI could just be a city
>name, and not represent an airport...)

i had always assumed that the airports file contained only
international airport codes.  certainly those would be required not to
conflict with each other, nor with any other airports in a given
country.  the airportcodes.html page does note a few conflicts

   AAO     Anaco, Venezuela
   AAO     Wichita, KS [Colonel James Jabara Airport], USA

for example (okay, 281 conflicts), but i venture to guess that you
would *never* find yourself at an airport that could fly to both
versions of the airport code.

        | international airport codes |
        |                             |
  +-----+-------------+   +-----------+---------+
  |     |             |   |           |         |
  |     +-------------+---+-----------+         |
  | american airports |   | venezuelan airports |
  +-------------------+   +---------------------+

where the airport codes for international airport intersect all
countries, but none of the countries intersect, therefore you can have
apparent conflicts, as above.

>The Kansas City International airport does seem to refer to itself as KCI,
>however, not MCI (which is really along-distance phone company; (^&).  
>Whether that has any meaning w.r.t. this list, I'm not sure.  (The URL
>that you cite seems to really be talking about luggage tags, which isn't
>necessarily the same thing.)

i think that's more of a case of an acronym being used instead of a
(possibly arbitrary) three letter code.  after all...if you saw MCI
mentioned in any printed material or overheard it, wouldn't you also
assume that the phone company was being talked about?

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