Subject: Re: airport codes.
To: Greywolf <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/19/2000 03:06:01
>NetBSD is, to me, as 4.x BSD was.  It's more than just "an OS".  It
>was/is an environment all its own.  Look at Sun - they went into
>making it just "an OS", and the next thing I know, /usr/games/fortune
>went by the wayside, the man pages had all the esoteric references
>removed and Sun became a drag to work with.  Well, that, and they
>slept with AT&T, who left Sun to bear a bastard child.

hear hear!  it's more than an operating's an adventure!!

>Should we waste our time keeping sh, make, dump, ls, ftp, or anything else
>in /{,usr/}{s,}bin up to date?  After all, they're not the OS.  They're
>"just binaries". 8'D

that way lies a hermit crab that doesn't actually cast
away any old shells, but rather collects them in a large basket for
that far off time in the future when one might be needed.

>Apologies in advance if this seems a bit vitriolic -- it's meant to
>be much less so than it may seem, really.  I see what Chris is saying,
>but by the same token, if we're "an OS development project" and that's
>all, we've already overextended ourselves into other regions; tacking
>/usr/share/misc onto that is SUCH a small splash in the water that I
>don't see where the problem lies.

it's not right and someone was confused about whether it would be made
right or not.  that, and the fact that it was there for a long long

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