Subject: Re: /etc/localtime
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 08/02/2000 10:13:40
>>We shouldn't *link* /etc/localtime to anything.  /etc/localtime is used by
>>programs to generate localized dates.  It's in /etc because almost 40
>>programs in /bin and /sbin can generate date information (for logging and
>>whatnot).  However, symlinking it into /usr/share is really, REALLY
>>annoying, because /usr or /usr/share may not be mounted until some important
>>programs are run to set up the network.  This should be _copied_ from
>>/usr/share, preferably from a `timezone picker' in sysinst.

i still think it should be a link, but that people should waste the
one disk block it takes to copy it to the underlying path (ie, with
nothing mounted on top of it).

>	this reminds me one thing.
>	is the following fragment in src/etc/Makefile okay?  if not, what
>	should we do?  (added in revision 1.48)
>ln -s /usr/sbin/rmt ${DESTDIR}/etc/rmt

looks good to me.  since it's a symbolic link, the target is going to
be relative to where it's unpacked, like say...a distribution?  :)

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