Subject: Re: Request for comment: moving texinfo build
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/27/2000 09:11:53
Todd Vierling wrote:


When generating documents, the build uses texinfo.tex distributed with
the application and _not_ the texinfo.tex installed on the system.  (At
least that is the theory).  You'll find that BINUTILS/GDB have a newer
texinfo.tex (pdftex has something to do with this :-).

Beyond texinfo.tex, things shouldn't matter.  A recent makeinfo should
work.  3.12f and 4.0 appear popular.  Compatibility with 3.12* will
probably be dropped soon (if it hasn't already).

> 1. use src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo until texinfo has a major upgrade
>    (and remove src/gnu/dist/texinfo)
> 2. use src/gnu/dist/texinfo with hooks from toolchain
>    (and remove src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo)
> 3. comment out building of the .info files in src/gnu/dist/toolchain/gcc/Make*
>    (and remove src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo)

Suggest removing all of toolchain/texinfo except for texinfo.tex.  The
latter updated to whatever is currently in BINUTILS/GDB.  Beyond that, I
think, all you need is a reasonably recent version of ``makeinfo'' that
runs on the BUILD machine.  That can be set explicitly using the
MAKEINFO variable.

Hope this helps,