Subject: Re: Suggestion: inclusion of the truncate(1) utility into the tree
To: Jason R Thorpe <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/22/2000 12:59:29
> > well...since you've asked...this is one of my favorite nits.
> > 
> > netbsd's sh != solaris's sh != linux's sh.
> > 
> > ditto awk.
> > 
> > sed seems (in my limited experience) to be pretty much the same all
> > around.
>There is a well-defined set of features you can rely on, defined
>by POSIX.  If you program to these, then you're safe.

right.  which i thought included things like:

sect[$lim]=main;        alt[$lim]="MAIN";               lim=`expr $lim + 1`
sect[$lim]=tv;          alt[$lim]="TELEVISION";         lim=`expr $lim + 1`

but solaris's /bin/sh doesn't do that, and neither does netbsd's.  the
"well-defined" set of features is blurred by the fact that "everyone
supports it", but everyone also adds their own stuff.  it's hard for
me to tell where it starts and ends.  :(

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