Subject: Re: newsyslog
To: Cillian Sharkey <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/17/2000 21:46:33
Cillian Sharkey writes:
> 2 suggestions:
> 1) Have an option to exec a program after rotating a logfile, with the first
>    argument of the program being the name of the rotated logfile. This could
>    be used for logfile parsing (e.g. 'logtail'). The logfile would have to
>    be uncompressed at this stage of course.
> 2) For multiple logfiles belonging to the same process, does newsyslog end
>    up HUP'ing the process for each log file? Perhaps, HUP'ing once would be
>    better?
>    [ Although having said that, most programs usually have their own log
>      rotation program to rotate all the logfiles they generate ]

I think we're starting to get to the `kitchensinkitus' phase of
newsyslog development :)

I wrote logrot (xref sysutils/logrot) a few years ago because I felt
that it wasn't worth the effort to crowbar all the extra functionality
I needed into newsyslog.

logrot tries very hard to rotate the logfiles in an `atomic' `safe'
fashion, and supports various pre & post rotation filters, as well as
a signal or a command to run upon rotation.

The only thing it doesn't support is a config file like
newsyslog.conf, but I figure that multiple entries in a crontab aren't
that much of a problem...