Subject: Re: Critique before commiting?
To: Greywolf <>
From: Brandon D. Valentine <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/13/2000 14:36:03
On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Greywolf wrote:

>On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Brandon D. Valentine wrote:
># On 13 Jul 2000, enami tsugutomo wrote:
># >Will it dig into NIS database if /etc/ethers have a line + and NIS is
># >used?
># That behavior is deprecated.  If you have your /etc/ethers file under
># NIS control then you need to modify /etc/nsswitch.conf file to reflect
># that.  NetBSD no longer uses the traditional '+' / '-' characters for
># NIS.  For more information see nsswitch.conf(5).
>...except for "compat" mode under passwd and group.

Yes, but compat mode is there strictly for compatibility and should only
be used if necessary.  In other words, it is deprecated.

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