Subject: Re: Import of am-utils in basesrc/dist (CVS commit: basesrc)
To: Tom Spindler <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/16/2000 07:57:44
On Fri Jun 16 04:21:09 2000, Tom Spindler wrote:
> > You finally found the right place to import it.
> > Where is the amutils2netbsd (or what ever you name it) script for further
> > imports?
> Since it's finally imported correctly with the vendor branch (after
> several embarassing misimports), amutils2netbsd is longer necessary.
> (For that matter, I don't know if the other 2netbsd files are actually
> used now, either.)

Of course they are get used.

How do you remove the $'s from all source files?

> > Why do you keep the .dvi, .info and .ps files? There is an .texi file
> > which can generate these files so we don't need to waste the space here.
> > Hmm, there is an doc/ but I can't find the source for it.
> > Do we really need the files in conf which are not needed on NetBSD (e.g.
> > the aix, irix .... files).
> They're not needed, but having a verbatim source tree at the base
> makes things easier to track, rather than having to remember what
> has to be winnowed out at every vendor branch import. (note that e.g.

You don't need to do that. cvs does the job for you if there are files
in Attic. They will be updated but will stay in Attic.

> basesrc/dist/ntp has solaris configuration files which aren't needed,
> either.)

Yes, but amd has a lot of them and people can use cvs to get the deleted
version if they really want it.

Where we have to decide which files aren't needed.