Subject: Re: bin/10116: vi somewhat easily confused by suspension
To: None <,>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/31/2000 15:03:20
> I don't think it so matters, but keypad is automatically disabled
> by endwin(), isn't it?

Yes ... but vi doesn't use endwin() here!

> Anyway, we should re-enable the keypad on entering visual mode.
> If the child process wants to use keypad keys, it takes care by itself,
> and probably it will leave the terminal in "keypad disabled" state.
> 	:!vi

Agreed.  As you surmise, ":!vi" leaves the original vi in "keypad disabled"
state.  This also happens in 1.79.  I'll look into this.

> >                                                              Also, perhaps it
> > would be nice to get the shell prompt back on a new line instead of :
> > 
> >   Press any key to continue [: to enter more ex commands]: aire:njdc bash$ 
> > 
> > when vi exits and I didn't press <return> at the prompt.
> Yeah. :-)

I think this is simple to do, so I'll do it too.


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