Subject: Re: virc [was Re: Possible design of the new rc.d rc.conf stuff.]
To: None <>
From: Scott Aaron Bamford <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/18/2000 20:05:17
Opps, he changed the url on me:

sorrie about that.

 - Scott

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On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Scott Aaron Bamford wrote:

>>	The view I have now, which I is very clear in my head, is
>>that there are four things that the configuration system should have:
>>	1) Default values for everything that gets started which
>>		should be easy to set for a newly added package.
>>	2) The ability to have a either a rc.conf or a /etc/rc.config/*
>>		or both.
>>	3) The ability to specify which of rc.conf or rc.config/* takes
>>		precedent.
>>	4) The ability to see what the defaults and actual values are.
>I been working on a program for a while but then put it away until i saw this
>email. it answered all the questions i had how to do XXX and YYY with it.
>The program (virc) works like vipw (suprise suprise) but with the following:
>virc on itself locks /etc/rc.conf and edits that `master' file
>virc <service>
>virc ppp
>looks for /etc/rc.d/ppp loads the defaults from there, then searches
>rc.conf and rc.options/ppp (or reverse order depening on the setting or
>rc_options_prefered) and sets the `overriding' values over the dafaults and
>presents the file in vi (or $EDITOR) for editing. on copleation, the changes
>(if any) are stored in rc.conf or rc.options/ppp (depending on the setting of
>I have included a couple of example scripts (see examples dir and README)
>and believe the code ready for testing now (so i can iron out any bugs)
>the included man page contains more detail on it.
>please feel more than free to check it out and give me feedback! im hopeing
>that together with the rc_init idea of eg's this could solve the argument of
>mono/split rc.conf.
>The tarball (very small 10k and includeding examples) can be downloaded from:
>can someone please mirror this and post a new url as the space has very
>kindly be lent me by a friend (Michael Adams)  and i dont want to abuse it.
> - Scott
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