Subject: Re: powerdown(8)
To: None <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/15/2000 17:30:37
On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 03:34:36PM +0200, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> The following patch implements a "poweroff" command which is equivalent to
> "halt -p", but allows powering down the system from an exec(2) call, e.g.
> via a user which has "poweroff" as login shell. The command name is
> modeled after Solaris.

I used to do this from a shell script, which acts as a real shell,
i.e. parses argv after '-c' so that I can, for example:
ssh power@machine warn "Warning, UPS on battry"
or ssh power@machine halt now "UPS battery low"
This script also adds entries to syslog using logger.
I can't see a need for this command, as a shell script as login shell
is much more flexible for this anyway.

Manuel Bouyer <>