Subject: Re: Referring to movies in mdoc
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/22/2000 02:06:31
"Joseph S. Myers" <> asked
>What's the right way to refer to movies with the mdoc macros?  I have a
>contributed manpage wargames(6), which references the movie, and I've
>mostly converted it to mdoc, but I don't see anything in the mdoc
>documentation that seems appropriate for marking up a movie title.

I think a .URL macro is the way to go

In terms of concrete formatting on the page, it needn't do anything
special. Maybe output the url text in a monospaced font?

Having such a macro is really needed as logical markup for converting
man-pages to other formats such as HTML or DocBook. It could be usefully
applied in existing man-pages for author email addresses, ftp references,

I know mdoc.samples(7) says macro names are two-characters, but there is
already one three character name, Bsx (albeit amongst the 13 undocumented

Does it seem sensible to add this macro?