Subject: Re: netstat -i in /etc/daily
To: Alexis Rosen <>
From: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/18/2000 20:40:01
>> For IPv6, this sounds ok.
>> For IPv4, there are some people out there who use (or at least used)
>> non-contiguous netmasks. 
>> But then, the old nestat also didn't provide this information, so it
>> doesn't really matter.
>Easy enough... For those rare cases, if you even want to bother, just
>write it like "" or whatever, and just let the line
>run out. People using noncontiguous netmasks are going to be used to a lot
>worse than just long-line output. :-)

	I myself is happy with the change, but I'm really not sure if we
	should go this way or not.
	With the change we need to compute the network address (like by ourselves.  It's easy for some of (or many of) us,
	but not for all people.