Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/12/2000 14:26:37
bcc'd to source changes, redirected to tech-userlevel

On 12 Jan 2000, Michael Graff wrote:

> Tim Rightnour <> writes:
> > Speaking as someone who mounts /usr over NFS regularly.. I'm none too happy
> > about this change..
> To be blunt, you're the minority these days.  However, the change
> shouldn't break you without any way to easily recover.

I don't network mount /usr, but I don't hink we should be just zapping
current users. :-)

> The real problem is that starting up a network interface is becoming
> harder and harder.  You might want to run any number of programs
> before you start up your network interfaces, or just after they're
> ifconfig'd.  For instance, I want to run gated, and I do so from
> /etc/netstart.local, since that is the only place I can get it going
> as soon as my interfaces are up.
> Since gated is in /usr, I need /usr mounted first.

Taken. But why change the default for everyone?

> Perhaps we need a "/usr is NFS" switch, which will assume the admin
> knows what is going on, and will continue to mount /usr late.
> The normal case, where /usr isn't mounted via the network, should be
> the default.  I would estimate that 95% or more do not NFS mount /usr,
> and those who do know a lot more about how to change things than the
> average user.

Well, this is now on tech-userlevel, where it should be discussed. :-)

What do people think?

Take care,