Subject: Re: Pthreads, libc, and the future
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/11/1999 17:18:22
>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Graff <> writes:

    Michael> Jason Thorpe <> writes:

    >> What we should do here, instead, is provide those primitives in our
    >> libc, and then make the pthreads package build on top of those!

    Michael> I think that will be fairly difficult, since locks don't exist in a
    Michael> pure vacuum.  They are assiciated with a scheduler, have a list of
    Michael> waiting threads, etc.

  No, I don't agree.  Jason is right here.

  The lock can exist in libc, but until pthreads registers itself with libc
the locking primitives are no-ops.

    Michael> I have a feeling by the time all the bits are split out it would have
    Michael> been simplier to just include pthreads directly into libc.

  I like this idea, but we aren't ready yet.

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