Subject: Re: bin/8880: Output from pac not always formatted correctly.
To: Giles Lean <>
From: Brian Stark <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/02/1999 21:01:38
Giles Lean wrote:
> In preference to this book, I recommend using the "Single Unix
> Standard" which is freely accessible at

Hello Giles,

I will check this out...
> (This isn't the only error I have found in the O'Reilly POSIX book,
> but since I haven't used it much (I now have the real standards) I
> don't really know if I've found the only errors, or if it is just
> inaccurate.  Maybe there is an errata page at

Thanks for the clarification! I don't have a copy of the standard so
I have been relying on what is in the O'Reilly book. I have looked
for errata on the O'Reilly web site, but I have not seen anything
for the POSIX book.