Subject: SV: take2...
To: <>
From: Christian Johansson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/02/1999 17:17:10
> > 5. The old /etc/rc style.  Dispense with it.  It's nothing but a
> >    speed hack, really,
> Not at all.  It's also an immense boon to humans that have to have
> anything to do with the boot process.  I've used SysV-style split-apart
> boot scripts and I've used BSD-style monolithic boot scripts, and for
> human frobbing, the BSD style is far easier.  (Recently the BSD style
> seems to be shattering; witness our /etc/netstart and SunOS
> /etc/rc.boot.  Every such split makes it that much harder for me to
> figure out what I want to do and where.)
> Sure, it's harder for mechanical frobbing.  Not all systems consider
> ease of mechanical access more important than ease of human access.

I agree, why change? I use BSD because it is BSD and not beacause it's a
SysV look-alike. If one want that one could always install Linux (and
still don't have a clue...)

I love NetBSD because it is (still?) very minimalistic compared to other OS!