Subject: Re: PROPOSAL: /etc/rc, /etc/init.d/*, ...
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: Marc Baudoin <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/01/1999 15:50:42
Luke Mewburn <> écrit :
> This document describes a proposal for an implementation of
> /etc/init.d/* scripts for NetBSD. It is based on work and ideas
> by Luke Mewburn, Matthew Green, and others.

I have been using rc.local files for a long time now and my
previous experiences with /{etc,sbin}/init.d stuff had been
devastating.  In fact, I only tried to use them a few times on
Solaris and this scheme was very frustrating (the number stuff
and especially the fact that making a new startup script was a
pain in the ass).

I now use at work Tru64 UNIX (previously known as DIGITAL UNIX,
or even OSF1 before), by the way one of the best commercial
UNICes, that has a startup sequence based on /sbin/init.d files.
Though I found this awkward at the beginning, as time passed, I
started to like the ability to use /sbin/init.d/foo start and
/sbin/init.d/foo stop, which gives much more flexibility than the
rc.local scheme on a much cleaner way.

I really like the way /etc/init.d is implemented in your proposal
because all the complexity (recognizing if the script is invoked
with start or stop...) is hidden in the run_rc_command function.
The local file also provides rc.local functionnality for people
no liking the /etc/init.d stuff (I understand people can dislike
this, as that's been my case before).

I have a request to make tough.  Please include an fully
commented EXAMPLE script so that people can easily make their own
scripts from the ground up.  A README file in /etc/init.d would
also be appreciated.  Not providing such files is one of the
biggest criticisms I can make to systems using such a scheme.

Anyway, I like this system and it would be a good thing to
provided it with the next major release of NetBSD.

Marc Baudoin   -=-   <>