Subject: Re: newsyslog(8) -> /usr/sbin
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/30/1999 21:49:51
>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Doran <> writes:
    Andy> Anybody mind if I move this? I think the case for putting it in /usr/sbin
    Andy> rather than /usr/bin is stronger.

  Speaking of which, what would people think if newsyslog code was integrated 
(as well) into syslogd? The reason to do this is because if one puts the code
into syslogd, then one can arrange to do the following:

  /var/log/messages -> /var/log/messages.1999-12-01

  and then have syslogd use new names as it finds that the criteria in
newsyslog.conf has been reached. 

  The reason to do this because I think that this permits one to put system 
flags on the log files. You can't rename or compress them with newsyslog, but
it would be nice to use the same config file. So, one still needs to go to
securelevel=0 occasionally to free up disk space, but at least one doesn't
wind up with 300Mb log files.

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