Subject: Re: gethostname and getdomainname
To: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/14/1999 08:42:16
On Nov 14,  8:23am, (Ignatios Souvatzis) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: gethostname and getdomainname

| Uhm... checking the return code won't help for portable programs....
| neither SUSV2 nor Solaris document that an error return happens if the
| name is truncated, and the errno value for this condition.
| (We dont do it, either).
| So our gethostname() would need to _silently_ non-Null-terminate?
| Observed behaviour:
| OS	man:terminate	man:errno	does:terminate	err/errno
| SUSV2	maybe		-		n/a		n/a
| Solaris	no		-		yes		0/no
| SunOS	no		-		yes		0/no
| Ultrix	no		-		yes		0/no
| DU4.0	maybe		-		yes		0/no
| Parix	no man page	?		no		1/0
| (in man:terminate, I counted as "no" occurences of "null-terminated unless the
|  provided buffer is not sufficient". I counted as "maybe": "if enough space
|  is provided, the name is null-terminated".)
| (Parix is breandead in that it returns 1 even when it didn't truncate
|  the name.)

Solaris claims that the return buffer is not null terminated, but then
goes ahead and null terminates it :-)

Ok. I suppose then that it is better to null terminate the buffer in
gethostname() and return an error. I still think though that it is better
to make sysctl return a non-null-terminated string.